Tamir Rice's mom rips Shaun King for making money off her son's death, calls him "white man acting black"
· Jun 24, 2021 · NottheBee.com

I don't know how many times Shaun King needs to be exposed as a scammer for people to wake up, but here we go again...

Samaria Rice, the mother of Tamir Rice, a 12-year-old child who was shot and killed by a Cleveland police officer in 2014, is the latest person to publicly call out Shaun King for the absolute GRIFTER that he is.

On Wednesday, she posted one of those iPhone-notes-screenshot-rants on her Instagram about how King "robbed [her] for the death of [her] son."

"Why do you think [it's] so important to tell folks we had a conversation?" Rice said to King. "[W]e talked and everything that was said was very toxic and uncomfortable for me to hear that you raised additional money and then say you did not want to bother. Personally, I don't understand how you sleep at night. I never gave you permission to raise nothing."

She alleged King continued using her son's death as a sob story to continue raising money without her consent. Apparently, when Rice confronted King about this, King said he didn't tell her because he did not "want to bother" her.

You know, I'll admit I understand King's point. It is quite bothersome to find out your son's tragic death is being exploited by some random dude. You know, I just get so bothered whenever I find out that's happening to me. Don't you?!

Put yourself in King's shoes. Would you want the person you're exploiting to be bothered by the fact that you're using them? Of course not!

Rice also called King a "White man," which is pretty hilarious since King parades himself around as a Black man.

"[P]lease stop thinking we [are] on the same page," Rice said. "As a white man acting black you are [an] imposter that cannot be trusted."Tamir's human rights [were] violated. Why would you ever make it about you? You are a self, self-centered person, and God will deal with you White man."

That was the last word of the post on Wednesday, but this isn't first time Rice roasted King, and it won't be the last. She continued raging against King on Thursday!

"As a grown a** man you would try to dishonor my son by continuing to go back and forth and dishonoring his mother," Rice said."Shaun can you tell the folk what is you meaning of Black liberation? Well, I can tell you what it's not ....a white man that owns The North Star, and, knowing Fredrick Douglas was black, what you should have done is make sure a black man was [a part] of it....so we can have real black media not your media perspectives that you stole from black women and organizers across the country...."

(The North Star is an organization owned by King, which is described as "independent, grassroots liberation-journalism focused on politics, power, race, policing, mass incarceration, organizing, and change.)

I'm happy for Rice coming to this realization of King, and it's helpful for us to expose others to it. However, King's not the only Woke scam artist out there taking advantage of people. Here's hoping more and more people start realizing it and not just about Shaun King.


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