Teacher says she'll be the "mom" of LGBT students if their parents aren't supportive
· Aug 18, 2022 · NottheBee.com

Hey, you! Parent!

Get your children out of public schools!

This lady is a... well, it rhymes with "boomer."

Why in the world is this adult talking to kids about gender and sexuality?

She wants to talk to her students, children, about sex and gender theory, and if they "identify" as part of that community she's offering to be their parent.

So many teachers think of students as their own children, but guess what? Children belong to their parents. Not a government program and not a teacher who wants to indoctrinate them into radical gender theory.

Teachers like these, who are all over, want to undermine children's relationship with their parents to indoctrinate them into this woke Marxist system.


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