Toronto teachers demand school board force kids to attend drag queen story hour against parents' wishes
· Jul 13, 2023 ·

The Toronto District School Board is planning and scheduling Drag Queen Story Hours in their schools for this coming school year and the LIBS are BIG mad.

Not because of the dude in a dress reading to kids - no, they love that. What they are mad about is that the school board has decided to let parents opt their kids out of the drag performances.

Parents and staff are demanding that the Toronto District School Board stop allowing students to opt out of drag queen storytime events.

Toronto Pflag and the board's 2SLGBTQ+ Community Advisory Committee have been advocating unsuccessfully for weeks since the issue over attendance and consent arose at a Pride celebration at Bruce Public School in early June. They say the opt-out violates the Ontario Human Rights Code and are calling for an apology for the harm caused by the decision.

Yes, it would violate the HUMAN RIGHTS of drag queens if some children weren't present for their grooming.

This was a parody just a few years ago:

But now PARENTS and TEACHERS want to force kids to watch drag queens because having an audience of children is a human right for sexual perverts!

"A communication providing parents the ability to opt out of drag queen storytime activities at school, while based on guidance from the Ministry of Education, rightfully raised concerns about emboldening environments and acts of hate," said TDSB trustee Debbie King, who is the CAC co-chair.

At the emergency meetings, staff and community members, as well as administrators, voiced their concerns to some of the TDSB's senior team, including the director, and were told, according to attendees, that a letter of apology and retraction would be forthcoming, but neither came.

The board is trying to find a middle path here that would allow for everyone to be happy, but that's impossible. There is no negotiation with the sex and gender terrorists who want to groom kids.

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