Ted Cruz clowns WaPo (with receipts) after they pull a complete 180 on the "Wuhan lab-leak theory"
· May 27, 2021 · NottheBee.com

Glenn Kessler, chief writer for the Washington Post's "Fact Checker," said on May 1, 2020, he was afraid Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) "missed ... how it is virtually impossible for this virus jump from the lab."

"We deal in facts," Kessler said.

Well, whaddaya know, Kessler now just published and tweeted an article explaining why "Wuhan lab-leak theory suddenly became credible."

You see, it only suddenly became credible. I guess Lyin' Ted didn't get the memo.

It was LAST YEAR that Wuhan lab leak theory was "virtually impossible," racist, and/or required a tin-foil hat. Also it would get you banned from Facebook. This year, a Wuhan lab leak is "suddenly credible." That's what it means to follow The Science™.

So Cruz, of course, like any red-blooded American male should, took to Twitter for a victory lap by clowning the clowns that clowned him last year. With receipts and four clown emojis, for good measure:

Here's a timeline of the "Wuhan lab-leak theory" as it was debated last year, in case any of you in the audience need proof to see who really was following the facts (and who wasn't):

We dEaL In fAcTs, AnD ViEwErS CaN JuDgE FoR ThEmSeLvEs. 😂

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