Texas baited the left into abandoning their harmful gender nonsense

For months, conservatives and Christians have been fighting what seems like a losing battle on behalf of women. In their devotion to the intimidating voices of sexual anarchy, progressives of all persuasions have been waging an identity war on the very heart of femininity.

Does a rational person think that every leftist or liberal is on board with the intentional erasing of sex distinctions or the exponential explosion of newly-created genders? Of course not. But those who aren't have been utterly powerless or tragically unwilling to resist the feverish crusade.

And since the progressive left controls every single locus of control in our society – academia, public classroom and curriculum, entertainment, media, law, art, government – the assault has been relentless:

  • Months of disparaging young female athletes who are losing opportunity, success, notoriety, and scholarships because they are forced to compete against biological males in their sports.
  • Purging government documents of all references to "mothers" and replacing them with "birthing people."
  • Eliminating public use of the term "breast feeding," and popularizing the nonsense term "chest-feeding."
  • Urging the government to stop documenting the biological sex of an infant on birth certificates so as not to assume gender is anything but fluid (and therefore doesn't ultimately exist).

If a picture helps document the absolute mockery the left has made of the feminine mystique just in the last year or two, look no further than this celebrated image on the left:

Imagine telling the mother who just labored to deliver her children that she needs to get out of the hospital bed so that two men can sit there to convey false illusions that (1) parenthood is complete without motherhood, and (2) men can satisfactorily offer to a child all the unique spiritual and emotional connections that a woman can. It's an insulting lie that for some reason has become not only chic in contemporary culture, but a mandatory confession for anyone who wants to avoid being labeled a "hater."

That is the maddening wall that conservatives and everyone else with common sense have been bashing their heads into for months, absorbing the blows in what I still believe is a noble effort to defend the integrity of womanhood from those who would cheapen it to be little more than a superficial fusion of feelings and politics.

Who knew that the solution was right in front of our faces the whole time?

If you haven't been paying attention, women have just become really important to progressives again. The same voices who were just yesterday bellowing on about sex being fluid and gender being a social construct are now climbing the nearest high horse to testify to the uniqueness of femininity and the power of the uterus.

Why the whiplash-inducing change of direction, you ask? Because the state of Texas just made it illegal to kill human offspring in the womb of a woman. And suddenly, the same people who have been using the highest positions in government to dutifully erase their own gender are now playing the part of Gloria Steinem:

First of all, despite Newsweek's silly fangirl framing, Psaki didn't come close to "shutting down" a male reporter who asked about abortion. She clumsily dodged his question, and did so by lobbing one of the feeblest, most morally deranged protests offered by the abortion faithful.

But regardless of her logical swing-and-miss, kudos to Jen Psaki for demonstrating the moral courage to acknowledge the biological realities of the "gender binary." The reason Biden's press secretary could confidently "shut down" that reporter was because she intrinsically acknowledged the obvious reality that men do not have babies – they cannot conceive, they cannot be pregnant, they cannot breastfeed, they cannot be women.

So even if they're wrong about abortion, it's good to welcome the progressive left back to side of reality when it comes to sex and gender. The only question remains, how long will it last?

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Not the Bee or any of its affiliates.

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