Texas officer says police didn't go in to Uvalde school right away because they "could have been shot." THAT'S YOUR JOB, BRO!
· · May 27, 2022 · NottheBee.com

If you wear the badge, you represent the law. If you represent the law, you put your body between the innocent and the criminals who would wish to hurt them.

There's a time for making sure communication and manpower and containment is all set before engaging in a hostile situation.

This was not one of those situations. This was a lunatic making a pile of bodies out of 10 year olds. In that situation, you move in. Immediately. Every bullet that hits you saves a kid. This is something we've established over the last 30 years of school shootings.

Do the job you signed up for. Be the Thin Blue Line. Be brave.

Imagine firefighters waiting around to save a family from a burning building because they might get burned and need backup first.

Also, if you have multiple officers with decades of combined training on the scene and they can't take down a single crazed teen with a gun, I'm sorry, but you should all be fired and never allowed to work in law enforcement again.

The town of Uvalde reportedly spends 40% of its budget on its police. Here's its (I kid you not) SWAT team:

These guys have the weapons, the armor, and the kit – apparently all they're lacking are some stones.

Just like you don't throw on a doctor's coat and pretend to know how to do medicine, you don't just throw on some fancy tactical gear and become a smooth operator.

This isn't cosplay. You either know the job and do the job, or you resign.

Protect and serve.

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