Woke Monster eats its own: People are trying to cancel this men-only gay campground in Michigan because they don't allow females. 🤔

Feb 22nd

Camp Boomerang RV Park and Campground is a "guys only" private getaway in Orleans, Michigan which offers vacation experiences for dudes who love the outdoors... and other dudes.

That sounds like a pretty straightforward proposition, right? But au contraire! This is 2021, and "guy" can mean just about anything you want now (except for just male, of course).

Bryan Quinn, one of the camp's co-owners took to Facebook to explain Boomerang's stance on trans men which, to be clear, are persons who are born female but now identity as men.

In other words, this privately owned, men-only campground doesn't allow women. Controversial, I know.

And how do you think people took that?

Not well, I can tell you.

Members of the LGBT community were predictably upset that somewhere in the world there exists a place that disagrees with their ideology and self-identity. So, they did the only rational thing one does in these kinds of situations: they tried to get them canceled.

In forums, tweets, and Facebook groups the private campground was blasted for things like "discriminating against a specific group of people."

Quick reminder: it's a men-only campground. So, discriminating against a specific group is literally the point.

Another commenter said,

"They are blatantly uneducated and arrogant and assuming of what it means to be a trans person. It is hate speech period. It is discrimination period. It's all of those things that I don't want to associate with."

Uneducated because, the logic goes, if they were educated they would agree with me.

It's amazing to see how as the trans movement has grown in popularity it attacks all other woke ideologies. Neither feminism nor gayness will be allowed to survive the trans tidal-wave.

The Woke Monster always eventually eats its own.


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