The Biden admin has given Taliban-controlled Afghanistan $2.35 billion SINCE handing the country over to the terror group in 2021
· Aug 9, 2023 ·

Just a regular reminder that Afghanistan alone is reason enough for Joe Biden to be considered one of the worst presidents in American history and make him totally unqualified to ever serve in any capacity ever again.

The latest news, beyond Biden being a jerk to veterans and gold star families, shows just how messed up US foreign policy is.

Since the United States has left Afghanistan and handed it over to the terrorist organization, the Taliban, we have given the country more than $2 billion in aid.

This in addition to the $7 billion, at least, we left behind in military weapons and equipment.

It's like we can't give away enough of your tax dollars to the terrorists.

Supposedly, this money is going to "rebuild" Afghanistan. And it's going to NGOs, not directly to the Taliban.

The reality, however, is that the Taliban are terrorists and they do whatever they want, including pocketing money meant for others.

The Taliban is "comfortable accepting foreign support insofar as they can closely monitor the organizations, including restricting and controlling them, and claim some credit for the provision of the benefits," SIGAR reported. USAID told the watchdog group that "Taliban interference in humanitarian assistance is the main barrier to beneficiaries accessing aid in 2023..."

"Despite Taliban promises made since gaining power in August 2021 to be more inclusive, counter terrorism, respect human rights, and not pose a security threat to the region, the U.N. says that the Taliban shows no signs of bending to pressure for reform or compromise,'" according to the report.

Man! They promised to value inclusion! We wouldn't have sent the terrorists the money otherwise!

Oh well, I guess we'll just keep sending them your money until they learn their lesson!

Sopko revealed in April that the "the Department of State, USAID, the U.N., and other agencies are refusing to give us basic information that we or any other oversight body would need to ensure safe stewardship of tax dollars."

"More troubling," he added, "State and USAID have instructed their employees not to talk to SIGAR (Special Inspector General), and in one recent instance, State told one of its contractors not to participate in a SIGAR audit." The White House also would not cooperate with SIGAR.

We can't even track where the money is going!

The Biden crew is blocking that information from auditors.

It's madness!

Oh well. It's a good thing Afghani terrorists don't have a history of taking money and weapons from the US and then using those resources to turn and attack us.

Glad that's not in the realm of possibility!


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