Meet the biggest religious fanatics in the country
· · Mar 16, 2023 ·

After nearly 150 eagles were sacrificed to the blades of the whirling totems of global warming – and by that I mean a bunch of windmills chopped them up good – a well-known polling agency conducted a survey of Americans, asking them their opinion of climate change.

The results were surprising, but encouraging.

I guess I should stipulate that what I find most encouraging about the Rasmussen results wasn't the simple fact that people are catching on to the climate con. After all, a person who hasn't picked up on the grift of the hysterics routine by now…

…well, they just are willfully blind.

No, my joy comes in seeing Americans recognize that it is religious fervor that now controls the progressive left, their efforts, causes, or to use more appropriate religious language, crusades.

While progressivism has always had an unhealthy reliance on faith over reason (see their bizarre clinging to outdated and untenable Darwinian naturalism for starters), their marked increase in overt appeals to religious iconography and terminology is unmistakable.

In the last few days alone, consider all we have heard coming from the White House to justify the left-wing social agenda.

Speaking with the fire of a revival preacher, President Biden warned that denying the faith of climate change would offend the great goddess, Mother Earth, who would retributively pour out her wrath on mankind.

And as if that wasn't on the nose enough, check out the last part of that tweet. Disobedience to Biden's "Gospel of Gaia" will result, he asserts, in nothing less than generational damnation.

But that wasn't all. Sitting for an interview with Comedy Central (there truly is no more fitting or appropriate setting for this administration), the president got religious on the subject of mutilating children. He brought moral condemnation down on anyone who would seek to prevent the poisoning or permanent disfigurement of minors, calling such efforts to protect children, "cruel" and "sinful."

Yes, he claimed that shielding kids from horrors like this woman's botched "top surgery" at age 19 is "sinful":

(Warning: Graphic images of surgical scars, infection if you click through to the tweet thread below)

If we really want to talk matters of faith, this unsettling gender madness is the latest unmistakable indication that our wayward civilization is under the judgment of God. And while I remain thankful for leaders who will push back hard against those like Biden – a man either demented or depraved enough to call evil good…

…the truth is that our modern prophets of Baal and Molech have never felt so empowered.


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