The woke cultists at the CDC have released a hilarious and disturbing guide to "inclusive language" and it’s WAY weirder than you'd even think
· Aug 28, 2021 ·

Look at this mush-mouth statement from our esteemed health authority:

Why is the agency that is supposed to be protecting us from infectious disease issuing ideological statements on socialist equity and woke inclusivity?

I mean, I know their authority somehow expanded this last month to include controlling the entire rental market, but you really have to wonder why the CDC is being used to launder every single dang policy these days.

Are you ready to get hit with a wall of text written by religious zealots? Are you REALLY ready?

Don't say I didn't warn you (this isn't even all of the article):

Then we get to a longer section, since the people that wrote this are clearly describing themselves:

Now the real religious teaching begins as we enter into migration, age, class, race, and sexuality:

Are you ready for race? Remember, these people want your racial category to define you as a human being and separate you into varying "oppression groups" based on your skin color.

Yeah, you knew that one was gonna be a doozy, but wait till we get to the stuff on gender in a second.

First, check out this one on "frontier people" LOL:

I guess none of the elites at the CDC have ever lived anywhere outside major leftist strongholds since 1879 (when someone last used the term "frontier").

Now we get to gender and sexuality. If you already feel dizzy and fatigued, you might want to head to the fridge and get a stiff drink and a snack before proceeding.

All set? Let's proceeeeeed!

It gets worse...

And worse...

Just to end, we have a note on "stakeholders," since everyone has a stake in everything at all times these days (except for the people who actually have a personal or financial investment in anything).

Congratulations on running the marathon, for if you are reading these words, you have passed through the gauntlet of fire unscathed. Way to go, champ!

I think from now on, I'll call CDC leaders "people who pretend to work in public health so that they can force their theocratic edicts on an entire country."

Now for some thoughts from some random people which totally weren't the first few that popped up on my Twitter feed:

("Frontier people" hehe)

That is all. You may proceed with ignoring the CDC again and resume your normal lives.

What a time to be alive!

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