The Church of England is thinking about making God "gender-neutral"
· Feb 8, 2023 ·

Let's check in on the Church of England to see how that whole progressive project is going.


The Church of England is seriously considering changing the unchanging and holy God, who lives in unapproachable light, to a "gender-neutral" person.

Since this is an impossible act of the utmost heresy, they are no longer worshipping the God of the Bible, but a god of their own making. Who knew golden calves would be so popular in 2023?

From The Telegraph:

For decades, the gender of God has prompted debate within the Church, with many calling for male pronouns He and Him, as well as reference to Our Father, to be scrapped in favour of either gender neutral or female alternatives.

Now, in what would mark a departure from centuries of tradition, bishops are to launch a project "on gendered language" referencing God in church services later this year.

You've gotta love how the liberal paper frames this as a decades-long debate in the church and how it's simply church tradition that says God is Father.

You know, except it's in the Bible, and literally, every Christian forever has always accepted it until a few years ago when feminists and wokes infiltrated the church.

The move has been criticised by conservatives, who have warned that "male and female imagery is not interchangeable". However, liberal Christians have welcomed it, claiming that "a theological misreading of God as exclusively male is a driver of much continuing discrimination and sexism against women".

Oh, "conservative critics" oppose this.

That would make every Christian for the last 2,000 years a "conservative critic" I guess.

Including that guy Jesus, who uses the term "Father" over 100 times. What a loon.

Details of the plans emerged in a written question to the Liturgical Commission, which prepares and promotes forms of service and religious worship in the Church, at General Synod, the Church's lawmaking body, which is sitting this week.

Any permanent changes or rewriting of scriptures with gendered language would have to be agreed by a future meeting of Synod.


If you find yourself literally rewriting the Bible to fit your woke preferences then you are officially outside of Christianity. Do these people not understand the warning the Bible gives to those that would change it??

The Rev Joanna Stobart, from the Diocese of Bath and Wells, asked what steps were being taken to offer congregants alternatives to referring to God with male pronouns and if there was any update "to develop more inclusive language in our authorised liturgy".

I'm just gonna let you sit and think about how a female pastor is leading this initiative.

She also asked bishops "to provide more options for those who wish to use authorised liturgy and speak of God in a non-gendered way, particularly in authorised absolutions where many of the prayers offered for use refer to God using male pronouns".

In response, the Bishop of Lichfield, the Rt Rev Michael Ipgrave, replying as vice-chairman of the Liturgical Commission, said: "We have been exploring the use of gendered language in relation to God for several years, in collaboration with the Faith and Order Commission.

"After some dialogue between the two commissions in this area, a new joint project on gendered language will begin this spring."

This isn't just a random priest asking for this, they are creating commissions to investigate this and to create new projects to woke-ify God himself.

Talk about literal demonism.

Here's one Anglican Reverend who seems to know what he's talking about:

However, the Rev Ian Paul, a member of the General Synod and the Archbishops' Council of the Church of England, warned against any departure from the original scriptures, saying: "The use of male pronouns for God should not be understood as implying that God is male – which is a heresy. God is not sexed, unlike humanity.

"The Bible uses feminine imagery and metaphors of God, but primarily identifies God using masculine pronouns, names, and imagery. Male and female imagery is not interchangeable.

"The fact that God is called ‘Father' can't be substituted by ‘Mother' without changing meaning, nor can it be gender-neutralised to ‘Parent' without loss of meaning. Fathers and mothers are not interchangeable but relate to their offspring in different ways.

"If the Liturgical Commission seeks to change this, then in an important way they will be moving the doctrine of the Church away from being grounded in the Scriptures."

This is correct.

Unfortunately, being correct isn't important to the church. Neither is God, it seems.

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