The Dems are trying to scare you again this week by saying climate deaths will be worse than Covid. Here's how deaths due to climate events have actually fallen an insane amount over the last century.
· · Aug 10, 2021 ·

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said Monday that the future of humanity is "bleak" unless the American government spends trillions of dollars it doesn't have to control the sun, moon, and weather.

Or, you know, something like that.

Isn't that just dandy? Oh, you'll be happy to hear that in addition to hiking taxes on businesses and incomes over $400,000 (lol small businesses are gonna die), the climate emergency apparently justifies things like free childcare and community college in the $3.5 TRILLION bill Schumer unveiled.

"COVID was horrible, but if we do nothing on climate, starting within a few short years from now, each year will be worse than COVID, and each year will be worse than the previous year," said Schumer.

See, leftists have figured out how to play the human amygdala like a slot machine. Every time your brain processes information that it perceives could harm you, it activates your flight or fight response.

Over the decades, the Democrats have learned to induce a Pavlovian response in Americans by dangling a new fear in front of them every five seconds, lest said Americans wake up and realize they are selling everything they own to power-hungry monsters.

Don't just take Schumer's word for it, however. A report by the U.N. (known as the most unpartisan and uncorrupt organization ever) said Monday that we are at a "code red for humanity" and will kill Mother Gaia unless we enact worldwide Marxism to enslave billions of people to the whims of a few rich climate priests.


There's only one problem with this. Yes, climate is changing. There are some human impacts that need to be mitigated: especially those like big polluter China that kills a bunch of its citizens with toxic smog every year.

But the idea that everyone you know and love is going to die from environmental apocalypse unless Bill Gates and Joe Biden get total control of mankind is patently false.

In fact, thanks to these awesome things called fossil fuels that have allowed things like refrigeration, disease-resistant crops, and better building materials, the number of deaths from "climate" causes such as famine, flooding, fires, and extreme temps has VASTLY fallen over the last century.

This is what the media wants you to think the death toll is:

This is what the death toll actually has been, according to data from the International Disaster Database:

As a moral imperative, I have to note that the researcher who compiled this chart has been endorsed by radical Marvel supervillains like Jordan Peterson (Hail Lobster).

In case you want more, here's a Forbes article that explains why total natural disaster deaths have fallen more than 90%. Oh, and another from FEE.

In a new review of 54 studies over the last 22 years, and published in the field's leading scientific journal, [Prof. Roger] Pielke finds "little evidence to support claims that any part of the overall increase in global economic losses documented on climate time scales is attributable to human-caused changes in climate."

In other words, hurricanes, floods, and other natural disasters aren't getting worse. They're getting better. Much better.

There has been 92% decline in the decadal death toll from natural disasters since its peak in the 1920s, according to the International Disaster Database. In that decade, 5.4 million people died from natural disasters. In the 2010s, 400,000 did.

The resources of governments are finite. They take what others make, and they tend to make a lot of that money disappear to various special interests. Giving them everything to reduce global warming by a fraction of a degree seems like a super bad investment.

In contrast, there is no limit to the amount of wealth and ideas that free, individual people can make. Like the Dutch used medieval building practices to push back the Atlantic, we have limitless potential if we keep the government from taxing us all into oblivion.

Liberty has allowed humanity to flourish in the last few decades like never before. Global poverty has halved in the just the last 20 years alone thanks to the free market and respect for rights, not to mention the past 150 years.

Let's not ruin it because some wealthy elites think they can play God by taxing everything you own and controlling everything you do!

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