The dumbest thing you’ll see today. If you're lucky.

Tweet Dar'shun Kendrick 10/22/2020
Oct 23rd

"How the hell does a coyote bring a whole human across the border?!"

Someone really said that.

To her credit, she hasn't deleted it yet. Although maybe she just forgot her password. (Hint: It's 1234.)

In case you think I'm picking on some random Twitter poster or a kid who wouldn't be expected to know what "coyotes" mean in that context (or be familiar with basic sentence structure and verb conjugation), Dar'shun Kendrick is a corporate attorney and investment advisor.

She's also a Georgia State Representative.

People voted for her.

Not only that, she's the Chief Deputy Whip meaning her colleagues placed her in a leadership position.

I bet she felt the world was her oyster then.

No, no, Dar'shun, the world is not actually an oyster and it's not yours. Also, for future reference, no you do not ever have to find ducks and you do not have to get them in a row, no one thinks you have horses that you need to hold, birdies don't tell anyone anything (you're right, they can't talk), and we know you don't have a pet peeve, you have a cat.

And just in case you think this kind of mistake is somehow out of character, a one-off if you will, there's this.

It works like it does in every state. Reminder: You are a representative for one of them.


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