European Union proposes electricity-reduction target to "flatten the curve.” Where have I heard that one before?
· Sep 7, 2022 ·

It's no big deal, nothing to worry about.

It's just a temporary program meant to "flatten the curve" of electricity use during peak hours. I'm sure it'll only last for a little while.

It definitely won't be anything more than a small concession for, I don't know, maybe two weeks?

In these peak demands the expensive gas comes into the market. So what we have to do is flatten the curve and avoid the peak demands.

We will impose a mandatory target for reducing electricity use at peak hours.

Yes, right now it's only reducing electricity at "peak hours" to flatten the curve. But as we all say two and a half years ago, it's not going to stop there.

Did you notice the word "mandatory"?

Yeah, that's going to be important.

Oh great, they are planning to mandate that Europeans shut off their electricity during the coldest waking hours of the day.

This surely won't see increased death due to cold for the elderly. How could that be the case?

Yep, it was so transparent from the start.

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