The LGBs are going to court against the Ts ... JK Rowling has a breakdown of some of the insanity
· Jan 27, 2023 ·

A fight has been brewing for the last few years among the ranks of the rainbow brigade. And in the UK, there has been an official split among the ranks of the Alphabet Gang and the LGBs have taken the Ts to court.

The queen of the Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists (AKA TERFs), JK Rowling has helped lead the way against the transgender movement and allied with LGBs who do not agree with the Ts.

Right now the UK courts are hearing a case where a trans group called the Mermaids are trying to strip the legal status of the LGB Alliance because they aren't inclusive of the Ts.

Confused yet?

Well, just wait till you see JK Rowling's examination of the case:

So, the trans activist thinks that you don't necessarily have a SEX coming out of the womb.

It's biological! Everyone has one coded into trillions of cells in their bodies starting from the moment of conception, but these trans activists are out of their gourds.

They clearly give medical advice. They clearly lobby for trans hormones and surgeries and they LIE by saying these treatments are reversible.

I believe the clinical term for this is "wackadoodle."

And the Mermaids stand by these statements, that's what's crazy.

Both sides of this debate are wrong. But the trans movement is showing just how radical it is by going on the attack against the rest of the rainbow flag.

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