The mayor of Chicago is seriously considering government-run grocery stores after big-name grocers leave town due to theft
· Sep 18, 2023 ·

You guys, Chicago has officially hit the point of pondering government-run grocery stores, and it looks like they'll be here soon. It'll be like going to the DMV, or to the post office, but for groceries.

I can't see this ending well.

Yup, according to the mayor's office, at least six grocery stores have left the West and South sides over the past two years (wonder why), leaving little opportunity in those areas for shoplifting, or even innocent grocery shopping for that matter. So now the government is coming to the rescue.

Today, Mayor Brandon Johnson announced a partnership with the Economic Security Project to start on a pathway towards the opening of a municipally owned grocery store in Chicago. The Economic Security Project, a national non-profit dedicated to building economic power for all Americans, will provide technical assistance in determining a pathway to the first municipally owned grocery store in Chicago. This collaboration furthers the Johnson administration's work towards repairing past harms that have contributed to purposeful disinvestment and exclusion and lack of food access in historically underserved communities.

Man, people are going to be eating just as good as they did in the Soviet Union down there in Chicago! Such great governing!

(As a reminder, here's a Soviet grocery store)

Just curious, Mr. Mayor, are we going to allow shoplifting at this municipally-owned grocery store or nah? And if the store runs a deficit, is that on the taxpayer then? My guess is yes.

More from Mayor Johnson:

I gotta give you this part, too, because even though it's a leftist word salad it'll give you a pretty good idea of what they're doing here.

Historic disinvestment has led to inequitable access to food retail across Chicago, and these existing inequities have been exacerbated as at least six grocery stores closed on the South and West sides over the past two years. According to estimates from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, 63.5% of residents in West Englewood and 52% of residents in East Garfield Park live more than half a mile from their nearest grocery store, whereas in West Town less than 1% of residents experience this barrier to food access. Moreover, food access and security link directly to environmental and racial justice. 37% of Black residents and 29% of Latine/x residents are food insecure, compared to 19% of residents overall. Exploring innovative initiatives to support food retail is part of the Johnson administration's broader commitment to correcting systems and practices that have created these inequities.

I love watching Democrats try to fix problems they created on their own. And I'm gonna love watching this government-run grocery store fail.

Man, the leftist utopia just keeps getting better, doesn't it?

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