The media is celebrating the "diverse landscape" represented by America's first all-Muslim city council ๐Ÿค”
ยท Nov 16, 2021 ยท

Today in progressive America, we have made another step toward diversity: establishing the first city council comprised entirely of homogenous members of one religion, and a religion that violently demands total conformity at that!

This is literally the opposite of diversity, but mmk.

Imagine the headline with the word "Christian" in there and see if it still makes sense.

From the article:

A city in Michigan is apparently the first in the nation to elect an all-Muslim city council, reflecting a more racially diverse landscape in local governance.

Three candidates โ€” Khalil Refai, Amanda Jaczkowski and Adam Albarmaki โ€” won election to the City Council in Hamtramck last week and will be joining three current members. All six identify as Muslim.

Hamtramck, part of the greater Detroit area, also elected its first Muslim mayor, Amer Ghalib, to round out the city's government.

Look, it's America, so if a city wants to vote in an all-Muslim city council, sure. But the very definition of diversity is "separateness" or "that in which two or more things differ."

(Not that the woke will understand, since they think "diverse" just means "not white".)

Not only is the above example the opposite of diversity, but at the core of Islam is the idea of "tahweed," or "oneness." Everything must conform, whether in dress code, architectural design, or even music. The reason Islamic music has its particular sound is because it considers the wide (read: diverse) musical instruments, chords, and scales of those like Beethoven and Mozart to be heretical.

Diversity, by definition, is an affront to the oneness Islamic god and his demand that mankind submit (the literal meaning of the root word of "Islam" and "Muslim").

Oh, and then just for fun, you get guys like this Muslim leader at CAIR who tweeted this out in sort-of-but-not-really tongue-in-cheek:

So well done, media clowns. Not only did you literally celebrate the opposite of diversity, but you chose the example of the one religion (other than Wokeism) that regards diversity as sinful!

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