The NBA tweeted this statement about Kyle Rittenhouse and his "vigilantism." Let me tear their narrative apart.
· · Nov 20, 2021 ·

But remember: All of America's institutions are controlled by conservatives and their obsession with "whiteness."

If you have any doubt about how rotten the NBA has become, look no further. There was no need for them or their sOciAl jUsTiCe branch to make a comment on this case.

Kyle Rittenhouse was exonerated by a jury of his peers based on overwhelming evidence. Due process was followed.

Yet the NBA, like the mainstream media, sitting members of Congress, and the President of the United States, are openly condemning a man found innocent on all charges.

The National Basketball Social Justice Coalition, founded by the NBA, is softly accusing Rittenhouse of being a racist, despite the fact that Kyle was not in Kenosha that night to oppose BLM, has made no racist statements, and shot three white dudes who were trying to kill him.

The NBA's "thoughts" are with the families of the three criminals who tried to kill Kyle. They only have sympathy for the child predator who raped five children, not the teenager trying desperately to get away from him.

They state a belief in the right to "peacefully protest." I think 99.9% of those who support Kyle Rittenhouse would agree, as well as Kyle himself. But the mob in Kenosha was literally burning the city down.

[Warning: Violence]

I also have to wonder: Where was the NBA when Hong Kong was peacefully protesting the takeover of their democracy by Communist China?

The statement concludes by saying that "vigilantism is unacceptable." I think Kyle Rittenhouse would also agree. He wasn't out there like Batman, taking out bad guys left and right. He was out there because his weeny mayor and governor had decided not to deploy police or the National Guard to protect the citizens and property of Kenosha. He was there to provide aid, to put out fires, and to act as a deterrent so that the mob might think twice about burning and looting every store in the area.

Kyle never threatened force with his weapon, and only used it as a final resort as he ran desperately away from men trying to murder him. If anyone was acting as a vigilante, it was out-of-towner criminal Gaige Grosskreutz, who pointed his illegally-possessed pistol right at Kyle's head while Kyle was on the ground.

But the NBA doesn't care. The NBA is part of the institutional machine that cares little about facts or justice, and everything about the narrative of the woke religion.

To the NBA: You are part of the Goliath in this story, not the David!


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