The New York Times Is Totally Perplexed As To Why Trump's Pro-Border Message Isn't Turning Away Hispanic Americans
· Mar 1, 2022 ·

The New York Times just published a story stating how they are utterly surprised that the Hispanic population in Texas isn't just completely sold out to the Democratic party after the presidency of Donald Trump.

Would you believe that?

Despite The New York Times (and all of the corporate media) constantly calling Trump racist for wanting to enforce immigration law and build a wall on the southern border, Hispanics somehow saw right through it.

It's almost like only white liberals see border security as racist.

If you're a chart person, this is a good article that shows just how much Trump improved his standing among Hispanics in 2020.

Essentially, Hispanics don't see the border issue as being about race as much as it's about national security, sovereignty, and economic protection.

To quote James Carville, "it's the economy, stupid!"

Compassionate progressives who insist on using terms like "Latinx" for some reason aren't appealing to the Latino vote like they thought they would.

There are some good responses to The New York Times for finally discovering what we all already knew.






Despite what the liberal media is constantly preaching, being anti-illegal immigration is not racist. More and more minority voters are seeing through the ruse, in large part thanks to The Donald.


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