The Media Doesn't Want You To Know How Bad The Prosecution's Star Witness Was In the Rittenhouse Case, So They Gave Him Airtime on National TV To Change His Testimony
· Nov 12, 2021 ·

The Rittenhouse trial has been an absolute nightmare for the prosecution. We covered earlier how the testimony given by the star witness completely undermined the prosecution's entire case, and how the media tried to cover this up.

Now here's the would-be murderer of Kyle Rittenhouse on Good Morning America with his lawyer literally giving a completely different testimony undermining what he said in court under oath.

Right. So his lawyer calls Rittenhouse an "active shooter," which is patently hilarious. But if you just watched this ABC interview instead of the actual testimony, you would think that Kyle Rittenhouse was the one doing the hunting.

It's just absolutely, patently false. And you'd expect nothing less from the mainstream media.

This is absolutely correct. He either lied on the stand or he's lying to Michael Strahan.

The media didn't like the real story, so they are giving Grosskeutz a second chance at defining the narrative.

Think about it:

A criminal with a record, who is currently facing several pending charges of his own, was shot when he pulled a gun on a teenager and is now [checks notes] getting national airtime on ABC to explain why he is a victim.

The media knows exactly what they're doing. No one in the corporate media will call Grosskreutz out on his dishonesty. They need Rittenhouse to be the villain and they will flat out lie to make it happen.

The only court the left cares about is the court of public opinion. And that's the one they control.

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