The next time someone tells you there's no border crisis, show them this photo
· May 7, 2023 ·

Democrats, and progressives more generally, have for several years now been insistent that there is in effect no border crisis underway. Most of them have steadfastly refused to even acknowledge the massive waves of illegal immigrants coming across the southern border. Those who have deigned to discuss it will often just claim it proves the need for more lenient border policies.

The next time you experience this bizarre denialism, please, show whoever's saying it the following photo:

This is a view of a police precinct hallway overflowing with illegal immigrants. You can ask your friend: Where do you think this precinct is located? El Paso? Chula Vista? Tucson?

Wrong. It's Chicago, Illinois. Yes, Chicago. As in, the midwestern city located about 1,100 miles from the southern border.

Unsurprisingly, this sad scene came about because the Democrat-dominated city government of Chicago wants it to come about:

Undocumented migrants in Chicago have begun spilling into the hallways of police precincts and are sleeping there, a new report says.

Police sources in the city told Fox News it was due to Chicago's "ridiculous sanctuary city policy."

"They clearly do not have a plan to deal with it and they're placing the cops once again in undue risk," an unnamed Chicago Police source said, according to Fox News.

Pro tip: If you have an overflow of illegal immigrants over a thousand miles from the border over which they came, your country might just have a border crisis.

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