The NFL might ban the "Tush Push" popularized by the Eagles. Check out some other plays the NFL has banned in the past!
· Oct 25, 2023 ·

In case you haven't paid any attention lately, NFL fans are very mad that the Philadelphia Eagles have discovered a play that no defense has been able to figure out: The Tush Push.

This play, which is a modified QB sneak where a player lines up behind the QB and essentially pushes him across the line in short yardage, has been a signature of the Philadelphia Eagles and has been so successful (over 90% success rate) that other teams want the play banned.

Here's what the play looks like:

Arguments against the play are generally about how it's not in the spirit of the game since the ball carrier isn't running to pick up yardage but is instead being pushed by his teammates. It's closer to a rugby scrum than American football.

Defenders of the Eagles say it's the oldest play in the book:

But, while successful for the Eagles with Jalen Hurts at QB, the play isn't quite as successful with other teams.

If the NFL was to ban the "Tush Push" or the "Brotherly Shove," as it's now being called in Philly, it would join a list of other "cheat codes" the league has banned through the years.

Luckily, one Twitter user has made a list with videos of other banned plays for you to enjoy!

Some of these are AMAZING!

Troy Polamalu was truly the master of that one!

Those were awesome! But I can see why they were banned.

What say you? Is the "Tush Push" worthy of a ban like these other plays?

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