The NYT blew up the story of a cheerleader who said the N-word when she was 15. Why haven't they said anything about the president's son? 🤔

Jun 11th

Last year, the clowns over at The New York Times basically celebrated a vindictive young man who released an old tape of a fellow student who had once – four years earlier when she was 15 years old – used the N-word in a three second video where she was trying to sound cool:

At the time, NYT writer Dan Levin celebrated lowlife Jimmy Galligan for holding on to said video so that he could destroy classmate Mimi Groves when the time was right, calling it a "reckoning."

People last year noted how the Times "lionized" Galligan while throwing Groves under the bus. She ended up being kicked off the cheerleading team at the University of Tennessee and had her name smeared in national media for the world to see, but the NYT thought it was good to have her face a "reckoning" over a stupid 3-second video she recorded at age 15.

So, since our journalist class brags about its objectivity and standards, when are they going to do Hunter Biden, WHO CASUALLY USED THE N-WORD MULTIPLE TIMES IN A CONVERSATION WITH HIS LAWYER??

This is the son of the president, and not just any president, but the one who has has promised to wave his magic wand over the land and unify us from racial division. He's the guy who says he decided to run "for the soul of America" based on the lie that Trump praised neo-Nazis in Charlottesville.

In terms of "reckonings," should the Times be concerned less with teen cheerleaders and more with those affiliated with the heights of political power?

And if the media is willing to constantly portray Trump's kids as bigots, shouldn't it have the same standard when it comes to Hunter??? I guess you can only speak truth to power when it's convenient.

I wouldn't even use the Times to start a fire anymore. It'd be an insult to the flames.


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