"The oldest woman here is apparently 26": We fact-checked this, and it's TRUE
ยท Jun 11, 2024 ยท NottheBee.com

Look, this isn't a tabloid outlet, but in the name of clown world, what is up with ladies using face fillers and a gallon of makeup these days??

The average response:

I checked it out, and it's true. These are 2024 contestants from the UK reality show "Love Island," and unless the producers are purposely lying about these women's ages, they are all in their mid-20s.

The woman on the left is Jessica White, 25. The woman on the top right is Nicole Samuel, 23. The woman on the bottom right is Samantha Kenny, 26.

For real!!!

(Bonus: This is 24-year-old Harriett Blackmore) ๐Ÿ‘‡

It makes you wonder: Why do women do this to themselves?

I haven't met a guy (who isn't some slimeball) who thinks women look more attractive like this.

It's the same irony as gym bros getting ultra-ripped so other guys will notice how ripped they are, and in the process repulse women. That's what these women are doing.

More and more women are also seeking cosmetic surgeries for "Ozempic face."

Huh, who knew that a drug that artificially slows down your gut so you starve slowly to death would make you look like a starving person??

The comment section under that original post is a death match, especially since it went viral, so let's stay out of it.

Instead, let me show you what these women look like when they don't have a crud-ton of makeup, fillers, and filters. Ask any guy worth his salt which one is more attractive.

Jessica White:

Nicole Samuel:

Samantha Kenny:

Ladies, are you trying to be beautiful, or attract porn addicts?

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