The 2020 "Librarian of the Year" is printing a "READ WOKE" book series with the help of a major children's publisher. Ready for your kid's classroom next fall.
· Apr 2, 2021 ·

This is the 2020 librarian of the year, as chosen by one of the nation's premiere library publications:


Again, this is the librarian of the year – a person who represents the responsibility of training young minds in literature, history, and proper research.

Her name is Cicely Lewis, and when she says "read woke," she means it. In fact, she's coming out with a book series that aims to indoctrinate the next generation in far-left, revisionist history and ethics.

Here's one of the titles that will be published by one of the nation's largest children's book publishers in America (Lerner Publishing):

Here's the full list releasing this fall:

  • Gun Violence and the Fight for Public Safety
  • Immigration, Refugees, and the Fight for a Better Life
  • Income Inequality and the Fight over Wealth Distribution
  • Mass Incarceration, Black Men, and the Fight for Justice
  • The Opioid Epidemic and the Addiction Crisis
  • Use of Force and the Fight against Police Brutality

Expect these to be picked up by teachers and librarians in a school near you. Expect even your preschoolers to be taught such concepts.

The fact that this is so widely accepted without resistance is insane.

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