The state of Virginia is moving to abolish a local PTA because opponents of Critical Race Theory won a majority in a recent election.
· · Jun 28, 2021 ·

Incidentally, the president-elect would be the first black person to lead the local PTA.

I'm starting to think that maybe diversity isn't really their goal.

The Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology has a reputation for being one of the best high schools in Virginia if not the country. It earned that reputation in part because it had what The Washington Post described as,

...a long-standing, notoriously difficult admissions test.


Yes, to the ranks of the "notorious," right alongside MS-13 and Harvey Weinstein, let's add meritocracy!

Sure, meritocracy may have its pluses.

But what does creating the next generation of scientists and leaders to help us navigate a competitive and dangerous world have to do with feeling good about yourself?

Removing that "notoriously difficult admissions test" from the equation was done to make room for more students who would not otherwise be qualified.

The result was as intended.

Eleven percent of this year's offers will go to Hispanic students, and 7 percent will go to Black students — both representing significant increases. In the past four years, the percentage of Hispanic students receiving offers hovered between 1 and 5 percent. The percentage of Black students receiving offers hovered between 1 and 2 percent.

We can argue endlessly as to why that is, why the public school system fails students, and the role socioeconomic factors play, but eliminating an admissions test so that academically challenged people can attend the school would be like removing the bar from the high jump so more kids can make the track-and-field team.

Basically, you're going to get creamed at your first meet.

The percentage of white students was up, but within the historical range.

So who took it on the chin?

Fifty-four percent of offers are going to Asian students, a marked decrease. In previous years, Asian students have accounted for between 65 and 75 percent of all offers.

In a year when anti-Asian violence is increasing and we were told we were racist if we used a centuries-old naming tradition and called a virus that originated in China, the "China virus," a major public school district retooled its admissions policy knowing full well it would reduce the academic opportunities of some of the most qualified, dedicated, and capable students in the district.

Which brings us back to the PTA. Parents around the nation have had it with academics taking a back seat to virtue signaling, and Fairfax County is no different. Having run a slate of candidates, anti-CRT parents managed to gain a majority on the local PTA.

That made the state PTA very unhappy.

The letter, sent to the Parent Teacher Student Association of Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology on Wednesday, claims that the recently elected candidates skirted bylaws and created a "hostile environment" for members.

That hostile environment would be hostile to their policy views.

And we can't have that. Diversity of skin color? Absolutely as that is the very most important thing about a person.

But diversity of viewpoints?

Here's the petty thing.

The PTA has no real power.

It's literally a "parent teacher association," and can certainly be influential and helpful to the school community, offering support, programs, and volunteers and the like but it doesn't set policy and has no institutional power.

At most, it creates an independent voice for parents.

But in the neo-Marxist socialist paradise that is being created for us, we can't have independent voices, not even powerless ones.

All dissent must be crushed, no matter how small and petty.


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