The Taliban is now promising to fight climate change ... I'm dead serious

Aug 25th

I guess the Taliban has gotten the memo on covering for a terror regime by virtue signaling.

Yeah, the same people who want to enact Islamic domination of the world through war, subjugation, and terror are now vowing to fight climate change.

"These challenges ranging from world security and climate change need the collective efforts of all," said Balki, "and cannot be achieved if we exclude or ignore an entire people who have been devastated by imposed wars for the past four decades."

Oh, but it gets better. Newsweek literally goes on to praise the terror group for being "green."

While the Taliban have been accused of involvement in climate-harming activities such as illicit logging and mining, the group has for years presented itself as a supporter of green initiatives such as tree-planting and environment protection.

Yeah, they might rape 12-year-old girls, behead those who refuse to follow their religion, and shoot men so they can sell their wives into sex slavery, but they PLANT TREES!!!

Our media is a joke.

In addition, Newsweek is trying to convince us that it was really climate change that led to the fall of Afghanistan.

While the triumph has been attributed to a range of factors from the inefficiencies that long plagued the Afghan government to the Taliban's shrewd engagement with rival parties, one less likely advantage that appears to have factored into the wins is climate change.

On Friday, CBS News cited experts arguing that droughts and floods due to melting ice on mountain snowcaps helped to fuel discontent in rural Afghanistan. The report was criticized by conservative commentators who have alleged that the impact of climate change has been exaggerated. However, the phenomenon's effects have also been linked to upticks of unrest in other countries such as Syria.

What in the world?? Are we living in The Office?

They then let you know who is REALLY to blame.

While the Trump administration set out to downplay the threat of climate change, Biden and his officials have placed the issue at the forefront of their agenda...

Did I mention our media is a joke?

This is the angle that they're trying? Really?

Here's Newsweek's article translated for you into common vernacular:

"See guys, these barbarians now control 40 million lives at the end of their guns, but don't pay attention to the sex slaves because they are going to fight climate change!! Isn't that great? Climate change is the REAL reason the nation fell, after all. If you want to blame someone, blame that yucky orange guy, eww!!"

So insanely dumb on so many levels.


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