Responses to Trump's Rona diagnosis from the Left are exactly what you'd expect (and worse)

Oct 2nd

Visiting the Twittersphere is often like stepping into the belly of some dystopian underworld. In fact, I'm pretty sure that the Apostle Paul had Twitter in mind when he quoted Scripture in Romans 3 to discuss how we are all under the power of sin:

"Their throat is an open grave; they use their tongues to deceive. The venom of asps is under their lips. Their mouth is full of curses and bitterness."

Fortunately, I've waded through the cesspool to show you the absolute vitriol and derangement of the Left in the wake of Trump's COVID-19 diagnosis, and the absolutely vile (and frankly, murderous) intent they have toward their political opponents.

First, we have the d├ętachement of Orange-Man-Bad enthusiasts who have been praying earnestly (to whom, I'm not sure) for this day to come:

Then there's the Blue Checkmarks who just straight out say what the Left has been desiring for years:

Here's Dr. Jill Stein, the Green Party presidential candidate in 2012 and 2016, celebrating the turn of events as "justice":

We also have Karly to remind us of the #Patriarchy:

Then we have people who feebly attempt to hold the moral high ground as wish death upon the president, whom they see as "Literally Hitler."

That last lady? Yeah she's a former National Spokeswoman for Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign and Obama White House staffer.

Of course, things wouldn't be complete without supporters of the evil Iranian regime (both Iranian and American) reminding us that Orange Man Bad is worse than a terrorist who spent decades massacring, torturing, and executing people:

Leftists with more followers were more measured in their words (not that Twitter would suspend them anyway, amiright?):

There were also doctors wishing death upon the Commander-in-Chief (The Hippocratic Oath doesn't apply to Orange Man Bad). Fortunately, in this case, someone reminded the good doctor where his anger should be placed.

Can't forget this gem:

The good news is that there were also thousands of positive responses. The one the really got me was this simple video a Chinese family offering a prayer for the president. I think we all could learn a thing or two from this reaction:


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