House report shows US government is demanding names of journalists who worked on the "Twitter Files," which revealed unconstitutional collusion between government and Big Tech
· · Mar 8, 2023 ·

Americans, if you don't care about this, please don't whine at me in a few years when you can't say, believe, go, gather, petition, or defend anything because the government has overturned the Constitution.

There's a show called Alaska Daily about a disgraced reporter who is forced to move to Anchorage for a job. The main character, played by Hilary Swank, was abducted on a recent episode by a white male oil worker who rants about the libs (because of course).

At the end of the episode, Swank's character concludes that our very objective and righteous press is being assaulted by crazies on both sides of the political spectrum that won't let them do their job.

While there's some truth in this script, stories like this one with the FTC prove that the press is now so corrupt and so partisan that it won't lift a finger to let Americans know of unconstitutional breaches by their tyrannical government because its preferred political party is in power.

From The Washington Times:

The Federal Trade Commission is requesting that Twitter identify all journalists who were involved in the release of the "Twitter Files" among a wide-ranging list of demands issued in the wake of Elon Musk's takeover of the platform.

Government is demanding a shortlist of all the journalists who dared to expose the government! WHAT???

A primer on how deep the corruption goes 👇

Do you realize how illegal, unconstitutional, and morally bereft this demand is?? Could my respect for my own government go any lower?

The FTC is also requesting that Mr. Musk hand over his reasons for terminating former FBI official Jim Baker, any internal communication "relating to Elon Musk" and details behind the newly instated account subscription model among a list of more than 350 specific demands laid out in 12 separate letters dating back to November of last year.

The government is big mad that its plant within Twitter was outed. Now he can't suppress more true stories about the president's criminal business dealings overseas on the eve of an election.

Why are we learning that the FTC has been weaponized to try and intimidate anyone who would expose the government's lies?

Only because Republicans have control of the House.

The letters were disclosed in a 113-page report Tuesday issued by the House Judiciary Committee and the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government alleging overreach on behalf of the FTC and a campaign to "harass Elon Musk's Twitter."


"The timing, scope, and frequency of the FTC's demands to Twitter suggest a partisan motivation to its action," the report reads. "The strong inference from these facts is that Twitter's rediscovered focus on free speech is being met with politically motivated attempts to thwart Elon Musk's goals. The FTC's harassment of Twitter is likely due to one fact: Musk's self-described ‘absolutist' commitment to free expression in the digital town square."

Where aren't all the talking heads on this? Where is CNN? Where is MSNBC? Where is WaPo and The Times??

Why isn't every single news publication in America racing to take down the powerful, evil bureaucrats who are attempting a coup on the American people???

You'd think they'd want their names to go down in history! These things are magnitudes of order greater than Watergate. MAGNITUDES OF ORDER.

But they can't. Because the media is now propaganda.

The "free" press is now as truthful as the printers once paid by King George III to slander George Washington, Jefferson, and other traitors to the Crown.

But if We The People fail to care where the media has abandoned us, we might as well have never fought the Revolution.


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