The U.S. Navy and James Cameron knew about the Titan sub implosion days before the rest of the world. Why didn't they tell us?
· Jun 23, 2023 ·

I'm really not trying to be cute here, but they could have told us. Feels kinda odd that they didn't.

A top secret military acoustic detection system designed to spot enemy submarines first heard what the U.S. Navy suspected was the Titan submersible implosion hours after the submersible began its voyage, officials involved in the search said.

The Navy began listening for the Titan almost as soon as the sub lost communications, according to a U.S. defense official. Shortly after the submersible's disappearance Sunday, the U.S. system detected what it suspected was the sound of an implosion near the debris site discovered Thursday and reported its findings to the Coast Guard commander on site, U.S. defense officials said.

it's not surprising that the Navy has this kind of sophisticated technology at its disposal. They probably have high-tech buoys and listening stations all over the Atlantic and Pacific and everywhere else too.

It's weird that this wasn't publicly disseminated, though. The rest of the world had significant hopes that these poor souls would be found alive. The Navy had exceptionally good intelligence to indicate they would not be. Why keep it secret? Did they at least tell the families?

The news did leak out in some circles — including that of James Cameron, who on Thursday was weirdly boasting that he found out about the whole thing before any of us, having "tracked down some intel that was probably of a military origin" and learning that "there was some kind of loud noise consistent with an implosion event:"

That seemed to me enough confirmation. I let all of my inner circle of people know that we had lost our comrades. And I encouraged everybody to raise a glass in their honor on Monday.

"My inner circle?" "Raise a glass?" This is a very strange sort of bragging going on here. And, again, he couldn't tell us? He couldn't even let it leak on background to CNN or the New York Times?

It doesn't really matter now. It's just odd that so many people knew about this and yet let the rest of the world continue on with what ended up being misguided hope.

Since I don't have an answer for this disconnect, I'll leave you with the speculations.

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