A Rhode Island high school asked faculty for donations to pay off a debt owed to a cartel that trafficked one of their students across the border
· Jan 29, 2023 · NottheBee.com

You guys, the Clown World has officially hit the point where public schools are attempting to pay criminal enterprises for their efforts to traffic humans across our southern border.

I'm not kidding.

Yes, this is a real email from a real high school vice principal in Rhode Island.

Coyote: "a group that helps people."

Sorry, try again.

A group that illegally brings foreigners into the U.S., drops them off in the middle of the hot desert, and then goes back to Mexico to find more people to traffic with not a care in the world whether or not the people they just dropped off survive.

This student is lucky to be alive.

And now, the assistant principal at Mount Pleasant High School wants to pay these scumbags.


However, judging by the vice principal's bio, I'm pretty sure this is par for the course for her:

Yup, she's one of those…

Eventually the principal caught wind of this little email Harvey sent out and decided this wasn't such a good idea to have public school teachers pay off criminal organizations.

Seriously, why would anyone, especially a public school vice principal, offer to pay human traffickers?

Are we seriously at the point where equity means that we must do this?

I sure hope not.

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