The White House is creating new "rules" to give "grace periods" for late rent and provide tenants with legal counsel if they are evicted
· Jan 25, 2023 ·

Well, the Biden administration hasn't slowed down at all in its unconstitutional power grab, even after Biden said the "pandemic is over."

We were told that landlords would have to put up with delinquent tenants during Covid because it was an emergency (the Supreme Court shot down that whole thing with the CDC as unconstitutional), but the Biden administration has come up with a NEW plan to "empower" tenants.

The White House is preparing to roll out new measures as soon as this month to protect tenants in the wake of post-pandemic price spikes, according to housing advocates and industry lobbyists who have met with administration officials.

I wonder who caused those price spikes?


The actions — which will come even as rents have started to fall around the country — could include promoting grace periods for late rents and the right to counsel for tenants facing eviction, among other steps, advocates say.

Yes, the Biden administration wants to implement a regulation that would prevent landlords from collecting rent and kicking out delinquent tenants on their own property.

It may even pay for lawyers for people being evicted.

As if that's anywhere within its constitutional purview!

The White House declined to comment on the specifics of potential new regulations, pointing to a statement it released last week in response to the letter from Democrats.

"We are exploring a broad set of administrative actions that further our commitment to ensuring a fair and affordable market for renters across the nation," spokesperson Robyn Patterson said. "We look forward to continuing to work with lawmakers to strengthen tenant protections and improve rental affordability."

The Democrats in Congress want all sorts of radical proposals. Basically nationalizing housing and making it a "right."

And we all know, there's no place anyone would rather stay than government housing!

"People can't afford to live," said Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-N.Y.), who spearheaded a letter last week with Warren calling on President Joe Biden to issue an executive action limiting rent hikes in properties backed by the Department of Housing and Urban Development or Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the government-controlled mortgage financiers. "We want to push the president as far as possible to lighten the burden of rent on everyday people."

Democrats want the administration to enact new restrictions on rent hikes and punish landlords they accuse of price-gouging -- "not just principles, not just guidelines, but what can the president do through executive action to lighten the burden on people and put more money in their pockets," Bowman said in an interview.

Besides the obvious economic disaster that would happen if the White House listened to these radicals and tampered with the rental economy, the complete disregard for the limits of the Constitution is beyond troubling.

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