The White House thinks Joe Biden's dismal poll numbers mean the public is upset with COVID and not Joe Biden πŸ˜‚

Nov 16th

Joe Biden's approval rating is absolutely tanking not even a year into his presidency and the White House believes it's figured out what's helping propel that number ever-downward:

Well, we think, one, there's a couple factors," Psaki said when asked to explain a Washington Post-ABC News poll published Sunday that showed Biden's approval rating at 41 percent, with 53 percent of respondents disapproving.

"One is people are still β€” there's a fatigue from COVID," the press secretary added. "We see that in poll after poll … People are sick and tired of COVID and the impacts on the economy. We understand that; we're tired of it too. That's why this is the number-one priority, [it] continues to be getting COVID under control."

Wow. "It's COVID's fault."

That's a brilliant PR strategy right there – the kind of fourth-dimensional chess that keeps administrations afloat and propels incumbents into second terms in the White House. Can you imagine the intensive, high-energy sessions it must have taken to plan out this approach?

And we're still only 10 months into this administration!


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