They're not even pretending any more. Watch as Governor Cuomo lectures us about the importance of wearing a mask while no one is wearing a mask.
· Dec 1, 2020 ·

Cuomo is not wearing a mask. The five people seated at the table are not wearing masks. And they're all inside.

We hope you now "understand" how important it is you wear a mask.

It's mandatory.

The full episode from the Emmy award winning broadcast is available for your viewing pleasure. But you should be warned, it's one of those lame mid-season "clip" shows largely made up of flashbacks.

One classic scene was Cuomo's story about telling someone who felt he should be able to do what he wanted in his own home that that is fine, as long as he agrees to not call an ambulance when he gets sick.

In other words, if you do what you want in a house you paid for, don't expect to avail yourselves of medical services that you also paid for.

It's almost as if he believes the government is in charge of everything.

And then there was this fan favorite.

You think you're so tough not wearing a mask (like Cuomo and everyone around him)?

Go work in a field hospital!

Cuomo also marveled at the extremely low infection rates in schools.

Something that everyone who is not named Andrew Cuomo has known for months.

Fans did have some new material to enjoy.

There was special guest star Mayor Bill de Blasio!

Cuomo also mentioned that they now understand that they have to balance hospital capacity better so that you don't have some hospitals overflowing with people causing mayhem and excellent cable news footage while others have hundreds of empty beds.

Apparently, that was a lesson that had to be learned.

All in all, I rate this episode 3/10. Hopefully, they can turn this show around before the end of the season.

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