Thief leaves notes on cars asking for donations because he doesn't want to steal anymore
ยท Aug 16, 2022 ยท

When San Francisco resident Marcia Saephan found her car broken into, she also found a flyer on the windshield from the thief.

The flyer says,

I don't want to STEAL anymore! But I still have to bills to pay. Can you help me please?

After that the thief listed ways that victims could send them money: Cash App, Bitcoin, and PayPal.

Saephan then noticed that multiple cars in her area had been broken into and had the same flyer. Break-ins occur frequently in her area.

PayPal confirmed the account is real and weighed in on the matter saying,

Any illegal behavior is a direct violation of the PayPal user agreement, and any violations of this nature will result in an account being terminated.

Now, you might think no one in their right mind would send a thief money after they broke into your car and stole your stuff, but you'd be WRONG.

This is San Francisco we're talking about after all.

Saephan decided not to send money herself, but her co-worker, who also got the flyer, sent money to the thief.

The San Francisco Police Department said this was the first time they'd seen this approach to car burglary, but confirmed that crime is on the rise.

Given all the personal information on the flyers, this seems like one of those easy busts for the police department, but again this is San Francisco we're talking about.

There was no indication that the case was receiving follow up.

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