This ammo supplier is asking people if they voted for Joe Biden before allowing them to buy 😬

Feb 12th

Fenix Ammo in Michigan doesn't want your money if you voted for Joe Biden.

While this separation of businesses along political tribes isn't the best thing for America, Fenix Ammo has a point: they are an online ammunition company that would effectively be shut down by Biden's desired restrictions.

You do have to admit, being a gun enthusiast and voting for a platform that literally wants to destroy the Second Amendment is a bit of an interesting choice:

Fenix says they don't want money from the other side of the political aisle because they are harnessing the spirits of the Founding Fathers to arm every man and woman in the land:

Now that there's Republican and Democratic coffee, shoes, and ammunition, I look forward to seeing what other stores and sites I'm allowed to shop in based on my political affiliation.

After all, Joe Biden is sure to keep on making lots of uNiFyiNg policy decisions over the next four years!


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