This Austin Public Library employee stole $1.3 MILLION in printer toner and sold it online

Oct 12th

Dude! Talk about exploiting government inefficiency...

This guy Randall Whited, while employed by the Austin Public Library and in charge of purchasing, stole at least $1.3 MILLION worth of stinking PRINTER TONER and re-sold it online.

Over the course of his roughly 12-year tenure at the library, Whited bought $1.5 million worth of toner from suppliers when the library only needed about $150,000 worth of toner in that time frame. The remaining $1.35 MILLION worth of toner, yeah, he just stole it, sold it online, and lined his pockets.

He had access to 10 library credit cards, frequently shipped items from suppliers directly to his home, and his supervisors apparently did not notice when the library's budget for office supplies quadrupled.

The City of Austin's report on the heist concluded that "The Library's poor practices and procedures provided an opportunity for Whited to steal from the City during his tenure, leading to waste and overspending by the department."

Uhhhh ya think.

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