Canadian cop punished for giving $50 to Freedom Convoy, forced to work 80 unpaid hours
ยท May 25, 2023 ยท

The Freedom Convoy may have ended well over a year ago, but Canada is still working hard to destroy anyone who helped support the truckers in their protest against Canada's totalitarian vax mandates.

This includes a police officer who personally gave $50 to the freedom convoy and was hauled in front of a court for daring to donate his own money to a charity the government didn't like.

Constable Michael Brisco is being forced to work 80 unpaid hours as a punishment for his charity.

Last Thursday, Constable Michael Brisco of the Windsor Police Service in a penalty hearing was given his sentence by retired Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Superintendent Morris Elbers.

Elbers said the $50 donation was a "serious" violation and that the hours will be worked on vacation or rest days.

"As a police officer, there comes a time when you must take the political issues out of your head when you are making decisions," Elbers wrote in his decision.

He said Brisco must "obey the policies, procedures and directives of the police service which is paying your salary."

Free speech is not a thing in Canada. The Freedom Convoy was anti-government and the officer worked for the government, so they say he was not allowed to use his personal money and speech to support the truckers.

But at the time Brisco made the donation, he wasn't even working for the police department since he was on unpaid leave for personally refusing the Covid jab!

On February 7, 2022, Brisco made his $50 donation to the Freedom Convoy's GiveSendGo account. At the time, he was on unpaid leave after choosing not to comply with a mandatory COVID jab policy then in effect.

He was later convicted of discreditable conduct under the Police Services Act (PSA).

This ruling is a vindictive punishment because this cop dared assert his rights.

It's a travesty of justice, but in Trudeau's frozen kingdom, it's not a shock.

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