Rep. Plaskett's aide lip-synced her boss's entire speech with crazy eyes (then corrected her) and it's giving me real puppet-master vibes
· Jul 24, 2023 ·

The part where she corrects her... 😭

Have you ever seen a more convincing argument that we're ruled by lizard people who use our leaders as puppets?

Are any of these people real??

Goodness, one minute you believe in the electoral process and the checks and balances of the republic.

Then you watch a video like that and all of a sudden Alex Jones seems a bit less crazy.

(I guess the only hope here is that Stacey Plaskett is a non-voting member of the House from the US Virgin Islands.)

It reminds me of an episode of Parks and Rec where the characters Ben and April work on a congressional campaign only to find out that the congressman goes into his office and stares blankly into space when he's not shaking hands or giving speeches.

Who the heck is running DC?

Take off the tinfoil hat for one second and think about that. These people are supposedly elected because they have the best communication skills and experience to represent us on the national stage. But many of them need armies of interns to craft the most basic speeches on Capitol Hill. Why is that?

I don't know, but this lady's lizard eyes still freak me out!

Look at her body language: At first, she's upset when Congresswoman Plaskett makes an error in her speech. She looks annoyed, turns her head away, and "picks" at her hair.

Then, she leans in to let Plaskett know she made a mistake.

Then she sits back with an annoyed smile, as if she can't believe the congresswoman is so dumb or like she's seeking approval.

Who the heck are they hiring in Washington?

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