A Republican Ohio congressman thought THIS tweet from a fellow Republican was super bigoted and demanded she delete it
ยท Aug 16, 2023 ยท NottheBee.com

Yesterday, a former Ohio Republican official tweeted out an endorsement and proclamation of the Christian faith. Something that is boilerplate Christianity and not really that shocking.

Lizzie here seems to actually believe her religion and take it seriously. She thinks that Jesus Christ is the only name that saves... ya know, as all Christians believe.

Let's see what the pro-family, pro-faith, pro-religious liberty "Trump Republican" from Ohio thinks of this message.



Max Miller is a Jewish conservative and an ex-Marine, but somehow he doesn't realize what "religious liberty" is.

Religious freedom in the United States applies to every religion.

You have gone too far.

What about Marbach's Tweet makes it impossible for Miller to practice his Jewish beliefs? Seriously?

Here's Miller's problem with the tweet:

What a snarky reply. Couldn't he say "I disagree" instead of saying to delete the tweet?

If he stated a fact about his Jewish beliefs would any Christians call it a threat to their religious liberty? Of course not.

Because that's insane.

LOTS of people came to the defense of Marbach after the "controversial" Tweet, dunking on the Jewish conservative for his lack of understanding of religious liberty.

And, I regret to inform you, I actually, without reservation, completely agree with -gulp- Ilhan Omar:

Miller did, after much correction, apologize for his bigoted call-out.

I'll let you read the apology and you can decide for yourself what you think:

Lizzie, to her great credit, humbly accepted the apology.

Remember, not all "conservatives" are actually conservative.

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