This English teacher claims that grammar and writing rules are "white supremacy" 🥴
· Dec 5, 2022 ·

CRT, intersectionality, and woke politics all serve to create made-up grievances so white liberal women like this can pretend to be heroes for downtrodden minorities.

This is the perfect example of a racist white liberal woman who thinks she's doing the world a tremendous service by calling out the "white supremacy" present in the English language.

Like, does she think grammar Nazis are the same thing as ACTUAL Nazis?

This is crazy talk.

She examines writing essays and includes "citing your sources" as a Western idea...

So, if you take something from someone else and DON'T attribute it to them (you know, plagiarism), then you're dismantling white supremacy now.

Having a thesis, making sure your writing has a central point... all white supremacy.

Imagine the racism of this lady.

She thinks that it's white supremacy to structure a paper and cite your sources.

Does she think non-white people can't do these simple things? How does it advantage and favor white people in any way?

I think people of ALL races are capable of writing simple papers like you had to write in high school. Anyone who thinks black people can't is the racist one.

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