A former Facebook exec suggested people who get a Covid vaccine should wear special masks "so that they can signal to others that they are vaccinated."

Dec 14th

Chamath Palihapitiya who is a former executive at Facebook thought he had a clever idea. Then he got dragged on Twitter.

Everyone that gets vaccinated should all wear a mask of a special design or color so that they can signal to others that they are vaccinated. #GodBlessScience

Couple of things here.

First, why? I know our betters are already preparing us for the fact that even after everyone's been vaccinated we will still need to wear masks for some reason, but why would people who were vaccinated need a special mask?

Well, I guess Palihapitiya answered my question, didn't he? To "signal to others that they are vaccinated." A virtue signal. I guess thanks for not burying the lede?

Second, people were quick to draw some historical comparisons for Chamath. You see, sometimes when you force some people to wear physical markers to distinguish them from everyone else, you can end up causing an us-versus-them mentality. And sometimes that can be a pretty terrible thing.

😬 Okay, he just came out and said it.

I'd actually be okay with Palihapitiya's suggestion if we went with this person's design.

Can you imagine having the temerity to suggest something like that? It's been three days and the tweet is still up. He's just fine with what he said. Doesn't see a problem with the idea even though his tweet has been ratioed into oblivion.


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