This German reporter was pushing mandatory vaccination on air, but before she could finish her eyes went sideways and she fainted. Don't worry, the network said it had nothing to do with her vax.
ยท Feb 16, 2022 ยท

Here's a great argument as to why Germany SHOULD NOT implement mandatory vaccination, as apparently some vaxxed-up news reporters would like them to do:

That's NTV reporter Clara Pfeffer pushing a member of parliament to move quicker in implementing a nationwide vaccine mandate.

And yeah, she totally just passed outโ€ฆ

Okay, okay, I know what you're thinking. Vaccine, right?

Not so fast, bucko!

NTV came right out on Twitter and noted that Pfeffer's fainting had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that she's been jabbed several times. And they're a news outlet, so obviously they're trustworthy...


Yes, some dude is calling them out, saying NTV doesn't report on serious side effects of the vaccine, particularly when their own employee passes out on air.

So what do they do? They just hit him with a simple, "has nothing to do with vaccination."

Bravo, NTV. Bravo.

I'm glad you guys were able to determine, scientifically of course, that it was simply Pfeffer's lack of breakfast that led to her passing out. On air. While sitting down.


That reply has since been deleted, by the way.

FYI, that first tweet (without highlights) is bro daring NTV staff to take another booster.

The reply?

"No thanks, we already have them all."

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