This heartwarming vid of a newborn who stops crying next to mama is great but Allie Beth's response is even better 🥰
· Sep 22, 2023 ·

This video is making the rounds so of course I have to show it to you to brighten your Friday.

Absolutely the best. Beautiful stuff right there.

(I'll give ya a sec if you need to wipe away the tears like I did)

Babies need their mamas. God designed it perfectly.

I saw Allie Beth Stuckey's response to this video (she's on maternity leave herself) and it got me choked up nearly as much as the video itself.

Both moms and dads meet unique physiological, psychological and spiritual needs that help their kids survive and thrive. They're not interchangeable in the same way men and women in general are not interchangeable.


We've totally forgotten what the word "sacred" means in this culture, but this is sacred, y'all. So sacred it should take your breath away. There's real weight and beauty there - something you can't touch but you can feel way down deep in your bones.

We're treating that like a commodity these days. We definitely shouldn't. Messing with sacred things has horrible consequences.

I'll let you ponder that while I go watch this adorable video again!

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