This hero cop took down a perp holding his own toddler at gunpoint

Jan 27th

This Arizona cop is a hero.

The City of Phoenix released a comprehensive video breakdown of an officer shooting on January 6 that ended the life of 37-year-old Paul Bolden after he brutally assaulted his girlfriend in a hotel parking lot, stole their young son, and then ran into traffic and shot his 9mm at cars in an attempt to secure a getaway vehicle.

Here's the video in its entirety, with a violence warning:

This was the cowardly Bolden beating up his girlfriend and yanking their son out of her arms:

This was Bolden running into traffic with his kid, where he managed to hold the driver of a white SUV at gunpoint:

When police responded, he shot at them. They repeatedly told him to drop the gun as they took cover behind their cruiser. Here's Bolden (circled in yellow) and the police (circled in red):

When another squad car arrived, Bolden pointed his gun at his own son.

That's when this officer took a quick and precise kill shot.

After such a shooting, procedure would be to ensure the criminal is actually down and out before approaching.

"Hold on, hold on," one of the officers said as Bolden collapsed with his screaming child still in his arms.

"No, [flowerbed] it, get the kid!" replied the officer who took the shot, leading the charge to make sure the child and the driver Bolden had held at gunpoint were okay.

Here's the video of the officer rushing to help the kid after he was forced to shoot the father:

And here he is comforting the little guy on a curb.



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