This hospital in California is refusing to give a woman a kidney transplant because she has not gotten the Covid jab
· Mar 25, 2023 ·

If you really thought those pushing the Covid jab were concerned about your health and well-being, stories like this one out of California should be an eye-opener.

This woman in California needs a new kidney and her hospital, Sharp Memorial Hospital in San Diego, took her off the waiting list because she refused to get the Covid vaccine.

Take the shot or die.

"The dialysis is very stressful on me. My vision is going. My hair is falling out. I've got skin cancer," said [Linda] Garinger, 68. "They said it's from the dialysis not filtering out all the bad stuff.

"My biggest fear is I'll have a heart attack during dialysis. I'm just going downhill right now."

She's on dialysis, she's needed a kidney for two years, and she was taken off the waiting list for kidneys because she hadn't got the Covid jab.

Early last May, Garinger received an unexpected letter from the hospital saying she was no longer on the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) waitlist for a kidney transplant.

"The reason for this status change is you have not had your COVID vaccines," read the May 6, 2022, letter Garinger shared with The Epoch Times.

"Once this situation is remedied, you will be evaluated for re-activation on the transplant waitlist."

That was it. She didn't have the shot and her daughter, who was going to donate the kidney to her mom, was also unvaccinated so the transplant was out of the question for Sharp Hospital.

Linda says she hasn't got the shot because it is still experimental and she wants to wait and see what side effects could show up years later. She also had a neighbor who died just two weeks after receiving the Fauci ouchie, so that's made her all the more hesitant to get it.

Garinger said she is in terminal Stage 5 of her kidney disease and needs dialysis almost every other day to stay alive.

"I'm p-ssed off," said Garinger, who gets short of breath just walking to the kitchen.

"I can't walk to Costco or a grocery store now. My muscles — I get out of wind so easily. I can't walk down to my chickens anymore."

Linda has found another nearby hospital that doesn't practice medical discrimination against the unvaccinated, but this does mean she had to begin the entire process over again.

She fears she might die before she's able to get the transplant since she had to start over and the new hospital determined her daughter was not a match.

This is the type of medical discrimination that has plagued our country since 2020, we've become a heartless medical tyranny and some institutions are refusing to give up their authoritarian power.

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