This Illinois state rep introduced a bill that would make parents "child abusers" if they don't go along with gEnDeR-aFFirMing "care"
· Feb 21, 2024 ·

Another day, another effort by the State to steal children in the name of the sexual revolution.

This Illinois state rep has introduced a bill that would categorize parents who refuse to go along with their child's trans identity as "child abusers."

The bill would amend a current law that protects children from abuse to include refusal of "gender-affirming care" like hormone therapy, puberty blockers, and lopping off body parts.

Translation: If you DON'T mutilate your kid, then you are an abuser.

Sadly, even in "red" states like Indiana and Montana, they don't need this law. CPS will take your kids anyway. But I guess Illinois is blue enough that they'd like it to be officially on the books.

This is from the description of the legislation.

Provides that 'abused child' means a child whose parent [...] denies the child access to necessary medical care, including, but not limited to, primary care services, abortion services, or gender-affirming services.

Oh yes, this law also says that if you keep your child from murdering your grandchild through abortion then that's child abuse.

What kind of person sees a case like the Kolstad's in Montana, whose daughter was essentially kidnapped by the state, and says, "That's awesome! We need to make that the law here!"

Anne Stava-Murray, I guess.

It's tough in a blue state to fight back against this tyranny, but some are trying.

What do you think parents will do when the State crosses this point of no return?

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