This Was A Real Headline After The Amber Heard Verdict (No Joke!)
· Jun 3, 2022 ·

Johnny Depp just took his ex-wife Amber Heard to the cleaners after a jury ruled in favor of his defamation claim.

A jury agreed that Amber Heard lied and defamed Johnny Depp. This story is solely about a spat between two white Hollywood actors, but the black publication The Root gave us this gem of a headline:


Maybe The Root is not aware of this, but Amber Heard is not a black woman.

Amber Heard lied about Depp, was physically abusive towards him, a jury agreed with Depp, and this is an attack on ALL black women?

From the article:

If the mistreatment of a wealthy blonde haired, blue-eyed white actress is ridiculed by the world, what does that mean for Black women?

...For Black women, who do not have whiteness or fame or money to protect them, Heard's words of the verdict as a setback ring especially true. Whether you believe her or not, the way the world treated Heard was downright cruel and uncalled for. Not only were her bruises placed under a microscope by forensic experts during the trial, social media joined in on the skepticism.

I mean, wasn't Depp's life placed under a microscope as well? You can opine all you want about who was guilty, but an objective process was followed and a jury of their peers made a ruling to end the civil dispute between them. That's about as just as it gets.

What happened to Heard is another vile reminder to women—particularly Black women—that nothing can guarantee our safety.

Nope. It actually proves that our legal system still somehow works, even where rich celebrities are involved. That should be a win for everyone, even the racists at The Root who assume all black women are poor and helpless.

(Plus I don't know how anyone walked away from this trial thinking Amber Heard was anything other than a crazy person)

But because of feminism, any time a woman is ruled against it's seen as a strike against women.

But hear me out [checks both ways to make sure third-wave feminists aren't nearby] sometimes women can lie and abuse and do other bad things.

The replies and quote tweets absolutely roasted The Root for somehow making this story about something it was never about in any universe.




Message to all the woke, intersectional, race Marxists out there: Not everything has to be all about you!

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