This is a real headline. I'm not joking.
ยท Jun 9, 2022 ยท

These people are trolling us. They have to be trolling us.

(Don't worry, the "sensitive content" is just a photo with guns in it, so you're good to click on that.)

Just so we're clear, we're now comparing gun violence to child pornography.

And this isn't some random thought on the internet, either. Neil writes for the Chicago Sun Times.




Guys, I actually think they're serious on this one, I really do. Go ahead and read that entire article if you wish, but don't expect anything worthwhile. Dude's basically trying to argue that since the First Amendment doesn't guarantee the right to possess child porn, the Second Amendment shouldn't guarantee the right to possess firearms capable of harming children.


I'll give you this much of the story, which is basically all you need:

The far right have a twisted logic about gun laws that goes like this: the Second Amendment is such an absolute value that even the most common-sense restriction โ€” don't sell assault rifles to teenagers โ€” is a step toward the bogeyman of total confiscation. Ban .50-caliber bullets, their thinking goes, and the black helicopters are on their way.

As they repeat that, over and over, remember: by their reasoning, child pornography should be legal, out of respect for the First Amendment, with the harm it causes children shrugged off.




I honestly cannot believe we're at the point where we're comparing child porn to guns.

Though we've got parents bringing children to drag shows all over the country, so should I really be surprised by these people anymore?

Talk about child abuse...

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