This is an actual photo of Diane Feinstein returning to the US Senate yesterday. Get in here and learn more about our "Gerontocracy."
· May 11, 2023 ·

So... term limits, anyone?

America is effectively a Gerontocracy (Geriatric Democracy).

Heck, we might not even be that. We might be a Geriatric Oligarchy instead. We've got a small group of elite families that have been in power for decades.

Power must be maintained and all costs. If that means keeping an 89-year-old woman on life support and wheeling her out on really important votes like [checks notes] disarming the American people, the elites will do that.

Live shot of Feinstein on her way to take your AR-15:

Oh, just a reminder that Feinstein and her husband have amassed a personal fortune worth $200 million during her three decades in federal office.

Here's a graph from NBC News showing how the median age of Congress has increased over the years:

The average age of the Senate is 63.9 years and the House is 57.5 years. One must be 30 to run for Senate and 25 to run for the House. But the leaders of each party in Congress and the White House (and the leading GOP presidential candidate for 2024) all hover around or above 80 years old.

Even the rabid lefties agree with me on term and age limits:

"It's time for [Feinstein] to resign. We need to put the country ahead of personal loyalty," Rep. Ro Khanna, D-Calif., wrote on Twitter. "While she has had a lifetime of public service, it is obvious she can no longer fulfill her duties. Not speaking out undermines our credibility as elected representatives of the people."

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., also called for the senator's resignation as several judicial nominations are pending in the Senate.

"Her refusal to either retire or show up is causing great harm to the judiciary — precisely where [reproductive] rights are getting stripped," Ocasio-Cortez said during an interview. "That failure means now in this precious window Dems can only pass GOP-approved nominees."

AOC wants Feinstein to retire so we can destroy the Constitution and murder more babies, but even she understands there is something wrong with having the fate of our nation rest in the hands of a woman who has been out of commission for a quarter of a year because of shingles.

While I don't want young hothead activists to be running the show, there's something to be said in the way a family, business, or nation passes the torch to the next generation. I worked for a family foundation where the older members had purposely written rules that would strip them of voting power on the board by a certain age, while also creating rules that ensured their children would have to earn their place on the board by demonstrating faith and behavior in line with their values. We should respect our elders while also giving younger generations the chance to rule.

If you don't believe me, maybe you'll consider this:

A poor but wise youth is better than an old and foolish king who no longer knows how to receive advice. For he came out of prison to become king, even though he had been born poor in what would become his kingdom. I considered all the living who walk on earth, as well as the successor who would arise in his place. There is no end to all the people nor to the past generations, yet future generations will not rejoice in him. This also is profitless and like chasing the wind.

This was written by Solomon, the wisest king to ever live.

The old try to hold onto the power they have amassed until the utter end, and in this foolishness, often ignore the advice of others as they become more crotchety and bitter. Wisdom is better than age, but foolishness plus age is a disaster!

That transition between one foolish ruler to another, if history serves as an example, is often chaotic.

Perhaps our leaders should take note of one of the few men in history who could have seized power but didn't. This man shocked rulers like George III of England by laying down his sword, giving up power, and returning to his family farm.

To this day, we consider him our greatest president and his legacy shines brighter than any who have come after.

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